A xxxx week masterclass series for soulpreneurs who have a burning desire to serve and want to take out the guess-work on how to create an offer that actually sells.

So. You took another course or got another certification…now what? Leave it in the pile with all the other courses that have ended up in the good-intentions graveyard? 

How long are you going to sit where you are while those good intentions collect dust?  

Waiting for the right time to start a business does not make thriving business , girlfriend!   

What’s stopping you is not realizing you already have what it takes inside. It’s time to implement all that knowledge and all those experiences and start creating a profitable business! 

Hey, I'm Danielle AIme

I love guiding women to become fearless, daring, spirits in their life & business.  

I’ve been in the online business world since 2008, and what I didn’t have for the first 7 years was a plan. I spent endless hours learning about sh*t that didn’t matter. I spent lots of money, simply because I thought “That’s what you do!.  

I built courses that took me many weeks and long nights to build, only to not sell a single one. I know what it’s like to talk to an audience without them hearing a word and to feel like I’m drowning myself in the sea of the same’ market. 
Coming from the ground up is hard. Figuring out what you need to know and not know when you feel like you don’t know ANYTHING is overwhelming and feels completely daunting 

There are 43,647 ways to do things” coming at you when you are starting out in business. Your learning curve is at a ninety-degree slope, not to mention the fact that you are still working a 9-5 job or have kids – or hell you may have both! And you’re exhausted. Wondering when on earth you will find the time to build your business. 

Following someone, and trying to implement their exact method has never worked for me - literally ever.

But building my business based on timeless foundations and principles has led me to a world where I have never had the clarity, the confidence, the clients and the cash flow as I have had over the last 3 years.

I don’t want to teach you my method. I want to teach you how you build your own so that you stop chasing your tail, tucking it under when you feel fear and know how get your butt out there to let your LIGHT BE SEEN!    

Launch Your Light was created just for you to take the bite-sized steps needed to create movement in your business, through a simply laid out process at a pace that fits into your schedule. And while this program isn’t designed to rush you through anything, I’ll be there to give you accountability and check-in if things go radio-silent on your end. Because this is meant to get you to the other side of your business growth – not keep you stuck in idle-mode. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

What you do for people goes beyond what came from a course or a book. Lots of people talk about that unique factor – that thing that creates an appetite for your offer. I’m here to show you that it’s YOU that creates the unique difference! YOU. Magical, uninhibited, unadulterated you! Your personality, your creativity, your compassion, your drive, your ability to connect to the needs of others and your gifts are what your humans are waiting for you to serve them.

Having no plan is the design of failure. Legendary Lightworker is the easy, simple, yet systematic approach to getting yourself and your offers out there to the people who need them in a way they understand and resonate with.


The Launch Your Light Masterclass Series will help you sort out your business fears and give you the strategy and structure you need to create the business you’ve been too scared to start.

Here’s how you’ll go from dazed and confused to focused and creating a business that actually starts making you money:



You will have access to all the current live trainings we hold, as well as any future content that will be added.


You don't have to go down the road alone. This community is gentle, accountable, suppportive & safe.


This isn't a "do it my way" system. This is strategic foundational method that helps to yield your unique model.


I will share my best converting templates that I have used over the years to yield the hottest leads.

tech stack

I will share my top tech stack that I personally use in my business and why I have switched from other platforms.

Q + A

Once the content is all recorded and out of BETA, I will hold regular Q + A calls and threads each month.

It’s basically your business in box that will help you create an irresistible business that gives your humans exactly what they want, in a way no one else can

Imagine by the end of the program being able to have… 

  • clearly defined and aligned unique value proposition for your business 
  • Clarity behind your brand, including your ‘why?’ 
  • Hairpin clarity on who your customers are and what they really want 
  • Confidence in who you are and what you are able to deliver 
  • The ability to execute without any more delay on what to do first 
  • The ability to talk conversationally through your marketing and have it hit the spot for your perfect customer 
  • A knowing that what you have in mind will work in your business BEFORE you put an ounce of effort into building it 
  • A simple effective framework that you can use whether you make $500 a month or $50k 
  • A solid system that takes you from dream to done. This works for any industry for any service. It’s all about positioning yourself and consistency.  
  • A passion-based, purpose-driven plan that allows you to build the business of your dreams in a concrete way. 
  • A way to turn your wishful thinking into concrete results 

“I know without a doubt that my local photography studio is successful because of Danielle’s guidance and influence.  My business has grown leaps and bounds in a very short time since consulting with Danielle. She will help you make smart business decisions and help you view your business from a different perspective. When I needed to make important decisions Danielle was always a question away and I’m so thankful I found her! I would recommend Danielle to any business owner wanting to ensure success for their business. ”

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Danielle just came right out and said, this is what you’re doing… you’re holding yourself back and this is why. It was a great kick in the butt and really helpful. Since then I’ve gained more business but more importantly, my fear has decreased, and my stress has decreased. I’m just going down my list, enjoying what I’m doing and where I am at the moment. I’m so grateful and impressed. I was amazed to see a difference in myself and my business at the same time. She is amazing at what she does, we have our niche’ and her area of expertise is definitely here to help. She really helped me see me for who I really am.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let more dust settle on your dreams.

Join me in Launch Your Light and start creating the business you were meant for!